Charley Patterson


Charley Patterson

Age: 42

Year Started with Nu Skin: 2004

Favorite Pharmanex Product: TR90

Pin Title: Team Elite

I have been taking vitamins and supplements my entire life. My Dad put me on them before I can remember. My coaches and trainers recommended I use them. Taking them is a part of my life. When I was first exposed to Nu Skin it was in 2004 when the BioPhotonic Scanner was being introduced to the arket. I was scanned at 31,000 and understood immediately, it was as if I was a “C” student. I am an athlete. Placing in the middle of the pack is not ok, especially when I believed I was taking good care of myself. I immediately began using LifePak to get my score up in the blue above 50,000. Additionally, I began making choices with my lifestyle supporting the increase of antioxidant protection by eating more fruits and vegetables, and reducing free radical exposure from cigarette smoke, the sun and stress.


Over the years, Nu Skin has introduced new innovative, revolutionary and game changing products in the nutritional market. I have added Vitality for more sustainable energy and mental clarity. I use approximately 25 different Pharmanex supplements twice a day to meet my personal needs and as a proactive approach to my health. I want to live long and live well. I like to believe I am a third of the way through my life, not middle aged.


As we the distributors become aware of Nu Skin launching the first genetic approach to weight management with the ability to improve our desired body composition, I believed I was going to be able to not only get back into the physical condition of my youth, I could get in the best shape of my life.


Beginning TR90 in December of 2013, I was embarrassed with my physical condition. I didn’t want to take my shirt off at the pool. I looked in the mirror and felt bad about what I saw. My diet hadn’t changed. I was working out, although not seeing the results I had in my twenties and early thirties. With in 65 days I saw transformation from adding TR90 into my life. My eating habits and work outs remained the same. I see TR90 as a product I will use for the rest of my life. It is like LifePak. You use LifePak to get your score as high as you can and keep taking it to maintain your peak score. After being on TR90 for the past 10 month, I continue to see increasing results. To date, I have add eleven pounds of muscle and dropped 8% body fat. My weight has remained 185lbs. This is not weight loss. Can you lose weight, absolutely. Loosing fat is more important and building muscle supports the shaping of your body. It is about looking better naked to me. I am proud of my body. I am proud of my

results. I love TR90.