Ben & Rebecca Pazdernik


Ben & Rebecca Pazdernik

Age: 38

Year Started with Nu Skin: 2010

Favorite Pharmanex Product: reDESIGN Nutrition Package

Pin Title: Ruby

We are Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik from Seward, Alaska and our Nu Skin journey as Distributors began in 2010. We lead an active lifestyle and are always taking or planning a new adventure.


Our first experience with the BioPhotonic Scanner was at Team Elite University in 2010. We were confident of a high Skin Carotenoid Score because we eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Ben scored 16k and Rebecca scored 28k and were shocked that our healthy diet didn't give us a higher score.  


We started with LifePak Nano. Choosing one favorite Pharmanex product when they are all so unique and amazing is near impossible. They all complement each other so well. LifePak Nano got our scores going in the right direction, we scanned again several months later at a Success Summit our scores had reached the 30,000's. 


Our overall feeling of health was increasing. Almost everyone has nutritional deficiencies and we never realized how much they were affecting our lives until LifePak Nano started filling in the blanks. The positive affirmations of watching our score increase lead us to trying more Pharmanex supplements and making even healthier lifestyle choices. After a couple years our scores were both in the 50,000’s and have stayed there ever since. 


Alaska’s an intense state that requires a little more effort for everything but rewards you tenfold with opportunities found nowhere else in the world.  This is where ageLOC Vitality has helped us. Sounding easier than it really is, we go through great lengths to harvest enough wild fish and game to last us the entire year. The long days of trekking miles into the Alaskan bush, Gulf of Alaska, or up a river are made easier with ageLOC Vitality.  

The redesign Nutrition package has become our favorite product, its fills our nutritional needs, keeps our immune systems strong, and gives us the energy to #LIVE PHARMANEX.  In the big picture our journey has just begun, we have a long life ahead of us and with the help of Pharmanex it’s a healthier one.