Derek Tillotson


Derek Tillotson

Age: 29

Year Started with Nu Skin: 2003

Scan Score: 55,000

Favorite Pharmanex Product: LifePak Nano

Pin Title: Team Elite

Pharmanex products have helped my family and me to live healthy and active lifestyles. We participate in every sport and activity we can. It’s hard to pick one sport. Winter or summer we are outside and spending as much time in the air as possible.


The first time I was scanned with the BioPhotonic Scanner, my score was a low 15,000. I was only 18 years old at the time so I had youth on my side but getting my score up to 55,000 has kept me moving at the same fast pace 10 years later. I’m still young, but friends my age are starting to look and feel older, while I keep feeling younger.


My parents are also part of the #LivePharmanex movement. I love seeing them set a fast pace for our whole family.